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Highly versatile design capabilities take advantage of our modular builds to provide the perfect size, power and performance characteristics. Click the link and fill out the form to download a product sheet now.


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LiDAR - IR Laser Array Field
Optical Solutions

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TriLumina's patented technology provides enabling solutions in three core markets:

Core Markets


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)


"Natural User Interface" through time-of-flight and structured light 3D sensing eye tracking and IR illumination

Optical Wireless

10Gbps Free Space Optical Communications

Highly versatile design capabilities take advantage of our modular builds to provide the perfect size, power and performance characteristics.

At the core of each emitter is a Light Engine driving a powerful array of multiple lasers at very high modulation rates. Our scalable array designs permit customized power and operational characteristics for specific use cases, optical parameters, alignment tolerances, distances, applications, and environments.

Product Sheets

LiDAR - IR Laser Array Field

for LiDAR and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. TriLumina provides a scalable high-power modulated illumination source for LiDAR and long distance time-of-flight applications. With pulsed power operation capabilities into the kilowatts and consumer level pricing, TriLumina enables high accuracy LiDAR for the automotive market.

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NUI-IR Laser Array Chip

for Smart Illumination and Depth Sensing. The TriLumina family of High Speed VCSEL Array Emitters (HSVAE) provides a fast scalable-power near-IR emitter solution for a wide range of applications.

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Optical Wireless

Free Space Optical Communications (FSO) Optical Connection (OpCon) transceivers deliver high data over free space data links. At the core of each transceiver is a Light Engine emitter driving Near IR light at speeds up to 10Gbps.

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Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Light Engines enable LiDAR (Light Distance And Ranging) applications.
TriLumina is developing new chips to advance structured light capabilities while reducing power requirements and size. TriLumina's fast pulse technology dramatically improves TOF applications for NUI and LIDAR.

Natural User Interface (NUI)

Smart Illumination for:

3D Depth Sensing

Eye Tracking

Gesture Recognition

TriLumina's compact, high-power illumination technology dramatically improves interface capabilities for gesture recognition, eye-tracking and depth sensing applications. TriLumina's compact form factor and efficient operation enables integration into the billions of mobile devices. TriLumina's Smart Illumination products allow devices to see in dark environments.

Free Space Optical (FSO)

Communications Over Light

Optical Docking Solutions

Optical Connectivity in Server Applications

Optical Wireless for LTE Small Cell Backhaul

TriLumina's free space optical communications (FSOC) solutions provide end users with multiple communication solutions

About Us

TriLumina, Corp. is a semiconductor laser technology company which develops, manufactures and integrates among the fastest and most powerful semiconductor laser solutions in the world. TriLumina infrared emitters are capable of high power illumination for laser radar (LiDAR), depth sensing and transferring data at more than 10Gbps over a free space optical link.

TriLumina Light Engines®

These laser arrays, known as Light Engines® dramatically improve the capabilities and resolution of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Natural User Interface (NUI) and Free Space Optical (FSO) applications



  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Emergency Brake Assist
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert


  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Collision Avoidance

Natural User Interface (NUI)

  • Gesture control in mobile devices
  • Distracted Driving Detection


  • SmartTVs

Free Space Optical Communications (FSO)

  • 10 gigabits per second per channel
  • Optical wireless


  • LTE Small Cell Backhaul

TriLumina's new and enabling technology offers a rare opportunity to exploit the convergence of an enormous and growing demand for bandwidth with billions of data hungry devices and the infrastructure that defines the cloud. The applications are almost limitless. Named New Mexico's top innovation company in 2013, venture capital backed TriLumina is a leader in the emerging technology center of Albuquerque.


TriLumina Board & Investors


The Board is composed of TriLumina President and CEO, Kirk Otis; TriLumina Founder and VP Product Development, John Joseph; Ray Quintana of Cottonwood Technology Fund; and Lee Rand of Sun Mountain Capital

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Our investors are Cottonwood Technology Fund (CTF), an early-stage technology commercialization fund; and Sun Mountain Capital, a private equity and venture capital firm with expertise establishing and managing private equity programs.

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Management and Technical Team

TriLumina is led by an experienced and proven executive team. Comprised of world-renowned optoelectronics experts and seasoned business executives, the team has enjoyed success in the optical communication and semiconductor industries - Micro Optical Devices (MODE), Nortel, Intel, and Texas Instruments LTV. Members of the executive team have founded multiple companies together and grown them through successful exits in the optoelectronic and other industries. TriLumina's engineering and manufacturing team is comprised of former MODE, Intel and Sandia and Los Alamos Labs scientists.

Kirk Otis

President and CEO
Kirk Otis

Kirk has 30 years of experience in business leadership and corporate development roles in the technology, management consulting, telecommunications equipment, and processing industries. Kirk joined TriLumina from C-Level Advisors where he served as the Managing Director, and previously held key roles at Nortel Networks and DSC Communications. As a dynamic, results-focused Strategy and Corporate Development leader, Kirk has led our business development and marketing efforts leveraging his leadership of a leading regional strategy consulting firm, and is passionate about assuring that the needs of the customer are the focus of everything the company does. He brings board experience in several innovation focused firms and brings a solid professional network to TriLumina. Kirk received an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

David Abell

Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Legal Officer
David Abell

David is a serial entrepreneur and business attorney and formerly served as in-house securities and governance counsel for Texas Instruments Incorporated. In addition to a law degree, David has a BS in in biochemistry and business administration. He brings a diverse multi-billion dollar portfolio of public and private fundings, venture capital and private equity transactions and acquisitions. David is responsible for corporate development and the management of the company's business and IP structure to support the Company's rapid growth and success. David's also leads TriLumina's IP protection and licensing strategies, new and existing market exploitation, strategic partnering, investor relations and corporate governance.

Rich Carson

Director of Product Quality
Rich Carson

Richard F. Carson brings over 30 years of experience in the optoelectronics field. He Joined TriLumina from Emcore Corporation, where he was Vice President of Quality and Reliability for Fiber Optics. At Emcore, he led teams that established quality standards for Emcore's fiber optic products, supported reliability modeling and testing for laser and VCSEL-based products, and managed design and engineering for parallel Fiber-Optic modules. His areas of expertise include product quality, quality systems, supplier quality, management of quality at contract manufacturers, product reliability testing and modeling, customer communication, design and design controls for optoelectronic products, and semiconductor laser manufacturing. He was part of the Micro Optical Devices (MODE) team, a start-up VCSEL manufacturer that was acquired by Emcore. At MODE, he established and managed the VCSEL back-end and packaging operations. Previously, he was at Sandia National Laboratories, where his focus was R&D in optoelectronics, including VCSEL-based optical interconnects. He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Virginia where he researched guided-wave photonics.

Mial Warren

Director of Technology
Mial Warren

Mial was part of Sandia National Laboratories' very successful VCSEL development activity, where he worked with John Joseph and Rich Carson. He did some of the earliest research on phase-locked arrays of VCSELs and pioneered the integration of VCSELs with diffractive and nanometer-scale optical elements to develop micro-optical systems for sensor and data communication applications. His later experience includes managing the Photonics Research group at Sandia and project management in a variety of technology areas. He retired as a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff after 23 years at Sandia National Labs to join the TriLumina team. Mial has a PhD from the Optical Sciences Center at the University of Arizona.

Latest News

Latest news, Press Releases, and updates about TriLumina Corp.
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TriLumina Corp. Named a "Cool Vendor" in Automotive Electronics, 2015 by Gartner

TriLumina Corp. Named a "Cool Vendor" in Automotive Electronics, 2015 by Gartner Report highlights cool innovators making an impact on automobile industry Platform Technology that Enables Solid-State Automotive LiDAR and Driver Illumination Systems ALBUQUERQUE, NM, USA, May 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- TriLumina Corp., a leading developer of high pulsed power IR illumination solutions, annou...


TriLumina Corp. Closes $8.5 Million Series A Round Funding

Stage 1 Ventures Leads Investment to Drive Product Development and Commercialization TriLumina Corp., the illumination solution for tomorrow's automotive laser radar (LiDAR) and sensing platforms, has closed an $8.5 million Series A round of funding with Boston based Stage 1 Ventures, and with current investors Cottonwood Technology Fund and Sun Mountain Capital, both of Santa Fe, NM. TriLumin...


TriLumina Presents at the KPMG Automotive Executive Share Series at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit

TriLumina was featured as one of the New Tech Players Revolutionizing the Automotive Ecosystem at the KPMG Automotive Executive Share Series at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. David Abell, TriLumina's Chief Strategy Officer, presented at the industry's leading automotive show on January 13, 2015.


TriLumina presents to AutoTech Council membership in Silicon Valley

TriLumina presents to AutoTech Council membership in Silicon Valley. The team continues to build strong relationships in the automotive industry


TriLumina Mentioned in Barclays ADAS and Autonomous Driving Report

Trilumina gets mentioned in Barclays Analyst report on the ADAS market and key technologies that are having significant impact. The report "Leading the ADAS and Autonomous Driving Revolution" was released August 26, 2014. In the report TriLumina is mentioned as being a formidable threat in its work to reduce the cost curve of LiDAR systems. On page 19 the report states "If the cost of LiDAR does c...


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